The Coolplates system

Modular system

The cooling system of Coolplates is a modular system that cools fresh produce, fresh seafood on flake ice from underneath. Products keep their optimal condition longer and remain freely accessible.

Easy mounting

The system is simple and quick to install in most store environments. All you need is 220/240 volt connection.

Coolcrates & cooltrays

The stainless steel crates and stainless steel trays are specially designed for use on the coolplates.

Coolplates cooler

The cooler constitutes the heart of the system and cools the plates at the desired temperature. One cooler can be connected to 6 m² coolplates.


The coolant in the coolplates system is a biodegradable additive that is made in accordance with HACCP guidelines. The temperature of the cooling liquid can be adjusted down to -4 degrees Celsius.

Building-up the system

The Coolplates system can be installed in existing store displays or in a seperate refrigerating presentation unit. Depending on the situation and the size of the display unit, the building-up of the systeem requires one or more hours. The modular construction of the system makes it possbile to align the position of the coolplates at your own desired height.


Building-up of the system

In these timelapse shots you get an impression from the building-up of the coolplates system

watch the timelaps
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Maintaining the Coolplates system

The Coolplates system requires little maintenance. We recommend our service engineers check the system annually. During that inspection all components are checked and the coolflow replaced.

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Coolplates powered by Grener Systems

The Coolplates system is the innovative provider of machinery and equipment in the field of heating, cooling and freezing, with offices in the Netherlands and Hungary. The Coolplates system has been both developed and produced in-house. The sale, installation and maintenance of the coolplates is coordinated from the Netherlands.