Benefits of Coolplates

The Coolplates system is designed to enable the attractive presentation of fresh produce in the shop environment. Maximum accessibility for consumers and optimal fresh experience. Coolplates offer the most benefits to consumers and trade.

Impulse buys are encouraged

Attractive,open presentation invites impulse purchases and increased sales

Environmentally friendly temperature

Only the products are cooled not the surrounding area

Longer shelf-life

The shelf-life of fresh produce is extended by one or more days. Significantly less perishing of produce

Saving on labour costs

After closing time the products do not need to be placed in a separate cold storage, so reducing logistic operations

Flake ice

Coolplates extend the shelf-life of
flake ice

Energy efficient and environmentally aware

Low energy consumption through product-focused spot cooling. Biodegradable coolant in accordance with
HACCP guidelines