Products even longer Fresh at The Balloon Tree Farm Shop in the UK

Most of the fruit and vegetables are grown by the farm shop itself. They harvest the produce from the farm fresh every day! Because of the presentation of the products on the chilled plates it will stay fresh even longer. To make the presentation complete, they have opted for the reconstruction from recycled wood boxes.

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Chilled products by chilled marble

Since september of 2016 Coolplates and Schevenels Project Interieurs are working together for a project with a special result. The result of our cooperation is the fact that we made it possible to cool products with marble which is chilled by the Coolplates system. It’s one of the most stylish ways to cool your products. In both Brussel and The Hague the choice fell on this way of cooling the products

Innovation at Broeders Gezondheidswinkel

Since the end of 2012 Coolplates and Broeders Gezondheidswinkel managed to have a succesful relationship. This year Broeders Gezondheidswinkel restored their healthy shop. One of the new innovative choices was to accomodate the shop with a new style of the wooden chest. This new style of the wooden chest is like the standard wooden chest crafted by hand. In the act of renovating the shop Broeders Gezondheidswinkel desided to supply these new cases with new Coolplates. 

Supermarket in Finland had been supplied with wooden chest

For some time now Grener Systems B.V. has been supplying Coolplates to several Supermarkets in Finland. Recently Grener Systems B.V. has not only been supplying Coolplates, but are now combining this with the addition of the wooden chest. Grener Systems B.V. has made a sustainable choice to use recycled wood for this product. These cases are crafted by hand to give that authentic look and feel, besides the fact that it ensures durability. Note that the casings give the option to the client to customize its exterior in order to better fit in their environment. For instance, the Finish Supermarkets have added matching pricetags to the casings.

New locations for our coolplates/chilled plates

In the last few weeks we have been busy for looking to new locations for Coolplates / chilled plates. One of these is the NH hotel Barbizon Palace in Amsterdam, where we have put a nice final result in collaboration with a interior design company.

Coolplates is Relocated !

After more than a month rebuilding is Coolplates office moved to a new building in Zevenaar! Located on the Einsteinstraat 15a. 

Al Halal Supermarket Ltd, United Kingdom

End of February 2016 Coolplates has provide 1 store of supermarket chain Al Halal Supermarket Ltd with wooden cubic chest includes coolplates. To keep the look of the store orderly, we also placed wooden cubic chests without coolplates for unchilled products.

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Gas Station, Geldrop (The Netherlands)

Last week we made a happy costumer of a gas station in Geldrop (the Netherlands) with some wooden cubic chests without coolplates. They present flowers and other NON-food products in these wooden chests. But also deliverd a mobile Coolplates display for chilled drinks and / or smoothies.

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We think along with you..

Are you looking for another refrigerator / freezer, unlike coolplates? We think along with you and we look together for a solution. Today, we have made a happy customer with a chest freezer with sliding glass lid,  Elcold brand with a capacity of 306 liters, dim. 1093 x 693 x 845 mm.

Horecava 2016

This year Coolplates may again participate in the national platform for professionals in the food industry, Horecava! The exhibition takes place at the RAI Amsterdam, we are located in hall 10, in the exhibation stand of Juice Solutions. Juice Solutions presents mainly fresh cut fruit and smoothies on our coolplates.

Best wishes for 2016

We wishes everyone a very happy, healthy and successful 2016!

Cooking store Oldenhof, Hilversum (the Netherlands)

Everything about cooking, then you should be at the cooking store Oldenhof! Recently, cooking store Oldenhof in Hilversum (the Netherlands) has got a chilled island with fruit en vegetables. They not only sell knives, kitchenware and / or cooking books , but also fruit and vegetables which is cooled by the Coolplates system.

'Help customers further'

Coolplates is known for its direct cooling from below, which is developed to preserve fruits and vegetables. Meanwhile, we serve our clients also with applications that do not come from our own product line. Not our range, but your question is namely central.

Coolplates in 'Fooddock' Woondock Duiven (the Netherlands)

Home interior mall, Woondock located in Duiven (a place in the Netherlands)  has been reopened. The 'fooddock' is replaced to the backside of the building. Coolplates also got a "cold spot" in the new restaurant. Our coolplates are used for a presentation of fresh smoothies.

New mobile Coolplates display

At the request of a Grab & Go formula Coolplates developed a new portable coolplates display. An easy to use plug and play display, which makes for direct cooling of your products. Very suitable for smoothies and / or fruit en vegetables, stimulates this way impulse purchases. Because the furniture is mobile, it is placed on any spot in your store, for example near your cash register. The furniture and the wooden material type are optionally tune, also the rear wall can be printed with your own logo.

Installation project Suriname

Some time ago our coolplates have gone on transport, by boat, to Suriname. Everything arrived in good order. The supermarket, called Choi's, has two supermarkets in Paramaribo North and South. They offer daily fresh products including fruits and vegetables, and for a longer preservation of fruits and vegetables are our Coolplates employees busy with the installation of coolplates in Suriname.

AGF Detail trade fair, Houten (the Netherlands)

AGF Detail is the national trade fair for fresh food specialists, this event will take place 29 & 30 September 2015 in Expo Houten (the Netherlands).

Coolplates is present in collaboration with Donker Winkelstyling.

Hospitable Rotterdam

The last days coolplates where find on an event called 'Gastvrij Rotterdam' in the Ahoy(event building). Juice Solutions -the first Juice & Smoothie concept companie in the Netherlands- used our coolplates for freshly cut fruit and to present the freshly made juices and smoothies.

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Coolplates cover box

For an optimal and energy-efficient operation of our coolplates, outside opening hours, use our Coolplates covers. Now you can easily store the covers in our Coolplates cover box, which is entirely in the same style as the rustic wooden chest.

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NEW stainless steel dividers

Added to our Coolplates accessories 'stainless steel dividers'. The coolcrates and also cooltrays are now to divide through stainless steel dividers into several compartments, so you can present different products in one coolcrate or cooltray.

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Coolplates goes around the world

With pride, we can announce that Coolplates will enter a new continent. We go to Suriname to provide our systems. Our own service personnel will provide the high quality our customers are used to. We will keep you informed.

Coolplates installed in Rosmalen and Grootschermer (the Netherlands)

Recently we have installedcoolplates in Grootschermer and Rosmalen (the Netherlands). Both displays we have equipped withcoolplates, in collaboration with Donker Winkelstyling

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Installation Coolpates

Our service personnel is installing the coolplates in the displays, for a new application.

New performance coolplates placed at Delhaize

The new implementation of a 3-tier coolplates has installed at Delhaize in Belgium.

Landwinkel Leumes in Ulft (a farmer shop in the Netherlands)

Coolplates has placed a wooden chest and a wall display, both with coolplates. Read the reference!

Garden center Groenrijk also uses coolplates

Near the Coolplates headquaters in Zevenaar (the Netherlands), at the garden center Groenrijk, Coolplates has, in collaboration with Donker Winkelstyling, placed an attractive mobile coolplates display with the local farmers produce.

New performance coolplates

Coolplates has designed a new 3-tier coolplates frame. The conversion can be adapted to your own shop interior.

Star Market Rotterdam (the Netherlands)

Coolplates now also be operating at Star Market supermarket.

Diplays can be moved

It is now also possible to provide a movable display. Easy to use and easy to move.

Coolplates now also in the Czech Republic

Recently you will find the coolplates in the Czech Republic.

Wicker baskets on the coolplates

If you prefer wicker baskets in your store, that is possible. We can deliver various wicker baskets with suitable bases.

Coolflow is biodegradable

The coolant used in our coolplates, is fully biodegradable. It is advisable to replace the liquid during the annual inspection.