The Coolplates system is now used in more than seven countries. Our clients are both vegetable specialty stores as well as large national or international operating supermarket chains. Below are some comments from users of the Coolplates system.

“Coolplates delivers coolplates to Marqt, Amsterdam the Netherlands”

Marqt keeps it cool

Marqt is where it all comes together. Other ideas about what we eat. Respect for nature, animals and people. Products made with passion and responsibility and where a fair price is paid for. Food that remains close to its origin. Pure Food.

But also food that with respect, fresh and chilled is presented to the customer thanks to the cooling systems of Coolplates.
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“Longer maintaining quality vegetable”

Myrthe Peper (store manager), Lindenhoff Baambrugge (the Netherlands)

We find it very important that the products we supply are of good quality so our fruit and vegetables. Through the use of Coolplates has become clearly noticeable that our vegetables have a longer preservation of quality, and the loss is decreased.

“Excellent total concept, by Coolplates and Donker Winkelstyling”

D. Luitwieler, Bio Drome Natuurvoeding Goes (the Netherlands)

Coolplates has placed, in co-operation with Donker Winkelstyling, a display with coolplates in our shop. The coolplates gives the produce a fresher look and also a longer retention of quality. We get a lot of positive responses from our customers. After opening hours we use the Coolplates covers over the products instead of putting the products in and out of the cold store, which saves us extra work.

“Less loss by coolplates”

Mr. and mrs. Luemes, Landwinkel Luemes (the Netherlands)

We have chosen for a wall display including coolplates, but also for a wooden chest including coolplates. The impulse purchases are encouraged and less Loss is remarkably.

“Better presentation, less loss of vegetables”

Kari Kainulainen, Finland

Thanks to the flexibility of Coolplates can be built into existing displays. The impulse purchases have increased through the use of coolplates, the fresh presentation and we find that there is less loss.

“We are very excited about the product of Coolplates”

Huib Meinardi, Meinardi (the Netherlands)

We wanted to work with Coolplates to present our own vegetables and fruits in our new store. It gives a nice presentation and the vegetables and fruit remains considerably longer fresh. Now almost two years later, we are still positive about the product of Coolplates.

“We keep our products fresh and fruity with Coolplates”

WM Morrison, England

The main reasons for Morrisons to use coolplates are: saving energy, less wastage of vegetables and fruit, the evironmentally friendly aspect.